Ride Engine Tech Changing Robe V1

SKU 210000011192
       Certain things just suck: parking tickets, paper cuts, mealy apples, and wrestling to get in and out of a cold, damp wetsuit. We can’t help you with the first three, but dealing with the cold, damp wetsuit problem is solved thanks to our Technical Changing Robe. The oversized design and zippered arm holes of the Technical Changing Robe make taking off or putting on even the thickest wetsuit a casual affair. The synthetic lambswool lining, drawstring hood, and front hand pockets will keep you warm and toasty—wetsuit off or on. The Technical Changing Robe’s zippered, windproof and water-resistant ripstop shell will protect against all but the gnarliest of conditions and leave you toaster-warm on the beach while everyone else shivers.

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