2022 Ride Engine Empax Vest

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Ride Engine Empax Vest 

The Empax Vest is designed to integrate comfortably with your harness to provide buoyancy and impact protection without inhibiting range of motion or harness function. The paneling and no-slip Wind Skin waist help lock your harness in place and prevent it from riding up. The vest features a strategic layout of 20mm foam panels that provide flotation and impact protection in critical areas, with a feel that lets you forget you’re even wearing it.

Whether you’re an entry-level rider who needs extra flotation, a casual rider who likes the added safety and peace of mind or a top-level rider who wants to protect your body as you push your limits, the Empax will quickly become a piece of gear you won’t ride without.

SIZES: S / M / L / XL 

- Strategic impact protection and flotation
- Integrates comfortably with your harness
- Does not inhibit range of motion
- Grippy Wind Skin lower, panel upper helps lock harness in place
- No toxic hydrophobic chemicals


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