This is a Ozone Edge in great condition. Flown very little with no rips, holes or repairs. 
The Ozone Edge V9 is a very controllable super boosting kite. This kite has one mission and that is to go as big as you can with as much hang time as you can get.

The Ozone Edge V9 has amazing hang time. When you pull the trigger and boost, you go up high and have awesome hang time. You glide so far when you boost with the Edge V9. 

The V9 Edge is much easier to ride than previous versions of this kite and other skinny kites like this one.  The kite builds your confidence and has a very controlled jump so you immediately love riding the Edge V9. 

The upwind ability on the Edge V9 is awesome. The kite sits far forward in the window and you feel like you are on an escalator going upwind. 

You can ride this kite really overpowered and still be in control. It has good low end power and the top end is impressive. When you are riding in gusty and punch conditions you don't feel the gusts that much and the Edge seems to just slide through any of the punchy winds. 
Ozone's Description: 
Action packed freeride, boosting to the moon, air style, speed, hydrofoil or twin tip racing. The Edge V9 delivers a high performance kite that is incredibly addictive. 

•Exceptional Ozone Factory construction 
•Designed with OZ-CAD 
•Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron 
•Internal reinforcements 
•Double Stitched Folded Seams 
•Load Distribution Panels 
•Direct Connect Struts 
•Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts 
•Reinforced Trailing Edge 
•Low profile aerodynamic Scuff Pads 
•Unique bladder construction 
•Anti-Snag Line Deflectors 
•Tuned Bridle Geometry 
•4-line Pulley-less System 
•One-Pump Inflation System 
•High volume inflate/deflate valve 
•Back-line trimming options 
•Anti-Flap Soft Battens 
•Comparable feeling throughout the size range 
•Fool proof line connectors 
•Low drag Kevlar bridles

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