Ozone Edge 13m V10 (used) #1 Blue

by Ozone
Save 55%
SKU 210000011081

This kite is used, but in great condition, no repairs, holes or damages. It still flies great and holds air. 

Almost but wish it were brand new. Smells like a new car.

Packing a serious punch! 

  • High adrenaline free ride machine
  • Massive air and hang time
  • Warp speed riding
  • Highest performance LEI race kite

The Edge is a true specialty, it delivers a mind-bending freeride and big air experience while t the same time has all the speed, power and performance required to win World Olympic titles on the racecourse. The Edge as the name suggests has long proven itself at the forefront of the inflatable kite performance sector.  



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