Naish S26 kite 650/95 Foil Complete (Demo)

by Naish
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SKU 210000010982

This foil is used very few times, it has minor chips and scratches through the mast and wing but nothing major that will affect its performance. 

The Kite 650 Front Wing has a gradual smooth take-off and a wide speed range. Stable and comfortable, this foil can be used with the 220 back wing.

Built from the proven KS2, the 650 takes the DNA of the Kite 810 wing in a smaller, higher aspect version that still takes off early yet adds even more speed and control (especially in stronger winds). Featuring a medium-high aspect delta planform, mild center span anhedral, and washed out flattened wingtips for low drag and balanced, easy feel. Ideal for intermediate-to-expert riders, the Kite 650 perfectly blends smooth and early takeoff, a wider range, and improved speed and control.

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