Boxer S25

Winner of The Kite Mag’s Ultimate Test One-Strut Category, the Boxer delivers both incredible low-end power while its Quad-Tex canopy and Luff Strut contribute to a controlled top-end handling. Originally designed for foiling, the Boxer has a wide range of power, quick turns and great downwind drift. These characteristics also make the Boxer amazing for light wind freeriding and down-the-line wave riding. The Boxer also has the widest range in sizes available of any Naish kite, ranging from the all new 2.8 m² all the way up to 16 m².


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Low End Power
  • Floats in Lightwind
  • “Sheet-in-and-go” Feel
  • Large Depower with Short Throw 


Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric


Stiffest, strongest canopy material on the market

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Shark Teeth Trailing Edge


Reduces weight while minimizing & dispersing canopy flutter


SureLock Valve


Streamlined valve + pump hose locks to valve


One Point Inflation System with 9 mm Hoses


Super easy inflation & deflation of kite


Bladder Lock


Secures bladders ends and prevents slippage


Anti-Stiction Window


Easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly


Molded Strut Ends


Reinforcements protect the struts


Diagonal Load Seam


Distributes kite tension for a powerful and balanced kite


Aramid Patches


Protects and reinforces the seams


HT Plus


This high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge along the seam, so you can confidently inflate to higher pressure for better flying characteristics.




Airmax Pump


(Sold Separately) Quality high pressure pump with gauge.


Boxer Bag


Open top drawstring design = quick packing
Mesh drainage patch at bottom
External loops + adjustable straps = hold pump + extra gear


Luff Strut


Adaptable framework provides low-end power

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