Size:  11m 


Unleash the beast! The moment you take the Core Impact 2 out of the bag and have it pumped up, you will see it immediately, this beast is made for wakestyle! A pure C shape with 5 struts. A thin ExoTex® frame and a deep C canopy. Extra trim options and extra sizes have been added to the Impact 2 to make the Impact 2 more accessible. An improved speed and aspect ratio make the new Impact 2 better for wakestyle than ever before, more pop and more slack!

The deep C shape design of the Impact 2 clearly has longer tips than, for example, the GTS5. The advantage of this is a constant pull for an extreme pop and a predictable slack for all your rotations and handle passes, so that you can focus 100% on your tricks and not on your kite. The aspect ratio is slightly increased in all sizes to improve speed and wind range.

The tips of the Impact 2 are rectangular, as you would expect from a C kite. The Impact has an active 5th line setup. The 5th line conversion kit is included with the Core Impact 2 so that you can fly it on any Sensor 2 bar. With the help of the personal trim system you can adjust the Impact 2 to medium, fast and super fast steering behavior. The canopy of the Impact 2 is made from a CoreTex® Triple Ripstop developed exclusively for Core kiteboarding.

Core has done everything to prepare the Impact 2 for the most extreme sides of kite surfing. Gigantic pop with huge slack for your handle passes and super fast steering behavior for unhooked kiteloops. Unleash the beast with the new Core Impact 2!


  • Wakestyle kite
  • Advanced kite surfer
  • C-kite
  • Active 5th line
  • 5 struts
  • ExoTex® Dacron
  • CoreTex® Triple Ripstop
  • Grintex® Patches
  • Including 5th line conversion kit
  • Custom Trim System
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