This V3 Wow is in great condition and ready for the water. It has had a professional leading-edge repair that is reliable and blends with the kite. 

Liquid Force created the V3 for 2018 with intensions of a lighter, faster and more dynamic turning wave kite.

With the excellent drifting ability, the WOW V3 is very light, allowing it to hang in the air. It has light bar pressure but the turning speed of the kite has increased dramatically from its prior model. This is really a kite you can take out in onshore conditions and throw around the window with ease.

Re-launch is very good on the WOW V3, a quick pull on a rear line has it dutifully marching to the edge of the window for an easy relaunch. 

Ideal for Wave but has been known to be great for freeride boosting and foiling. 

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