Demo North Charge 5'11x19 Kite Surfboard

This Demo North Charge 5'11x19 surfboard is in really nice condition. It has a couple of black stains on the bottom that has been slightly removed but still visible (view picture). Repaired nose on the very tip. 

North Charge


A fast, dedicated surf shape with smooth turning and loads of projection, allowing a powerful vertical attack in down the line waves. Developed for surfing and engineered for kitesurfing, the Charge rides like a high-performance surfboard. Turning hard in the pocket and releasing on-demand, it excels in carving, has a fantastic upwind drive for onshore riding, and is versatile enough to pop strapless freestyle tricks with ease. The Carbon Innegra Futurelite system maximizes strength without compromising flex or responsiveness. Our full deck grip with front and rear kicks give maximum comfort and control. Commit to the wave and have the confidence to charge.





Traditional performance surfboard outline

Fast with smooth turning and loads of projection allowing a powerful vertical attack in down the line waves.

Low profile surf rails

For a responsive feel and lock-in grip giving the rider confidence to charge.

Low entry rocker

For fast acceleration, speed and drive.

Performance surf rocker

With generous width and volume, making it easy to ride with great upwind ability for getting back to the take-off zone.

Deep single to slight-double concave bottom

Cutting through the curves to give a fast driving bottom turn and responsive pivotal top turn with easy release.

Foot strap options

For when conditions get challenging, locking the rider into a comfortable stance for control in high winds or large waves.

Straps sold separately

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