DEMO CORE Sensor 2S Bars

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Sensor 2S Bars

Different conditions equal to different price options!

We have a variety of CORE SENSOR 2S bars from the USA CORE Demo tour. We applied a different option price for each bar, based on its condition. 


Conditions are explained:

BEST CONDITION: Imagine taking a New bar, dipping it in the salt, and sitting it in the sun for a couple of days... that's about what you'll receive choosing this conditioned bar. Expect clean, non-frayed lines. Smooth untwist bearings and normal aesthetic. 

GOOD CONDITION: "Good" means good! It's not the best but you'll be impressed. With its months of slight use, you can expect clean, non-frayed lines and no cosmetic imperfections.

DECENT CONDITION: It's been used, but with care. The condition of the third bar continues our "clean, non-frayed lines" trend. It does show discoloration on the white parts of the bar and small scuffs on the bar padding. 

FAIR CONDITION: Be open, these bars start showing their use in the lines with discoloration and ware but still no fraying, kinks, or old knots. The only blemishes are the slight rust stains around the white parts on the chicken loops. They are perfectly functional and safe. No worries, you won't look like a kook with a ragged out bar; they're still nice and up to CORE standards. 


An intelligent mid-cycle update to the exceptional Sensor 2. A bar, where engineering ingenuity meets minimalism; where ceramic bearings are used to eliminate friction in the auto untwist function; and where Tectanium is used to make the thinnest and most aerodynamic depower lines. Technical innovations that make the Sensor 2S bar system peerless. Sometimes, it’s what you don’t see, that makes it so good. 

Your session’s awesomeness depends heavily on your gear. We believe the Sensor 2S control bar system contributes much more than you would think to kite performance. And it’s what you don’t see that makes our bars so unbelievably good. The functional know-how we hide inside and the minimalist design on the outside gives our bars the signature CORE confidence you expect. And the safety features you rely on. 

The CORE Sensor 2 bar system will provide you with the lightest, safest, and most direct feeling bar on the market. Because we sell more than just cool bars. We sell confidence.

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