This kite has been used. It has minor stains on the canopy, however it has a few holes that have been professionally repaired which you will be able to see in the pictures. The kite still holds air and flies great. 

Core XR6

HIGH PERFORMANCE FREERIDE that sets records if you want.

We believe the XR5 was absolutely amazing and it just got better. Most companies change their kite a bit or not at all. The XR6 has truly improved. The boost the hangtime and turning has been ever so much better. If you want the best, you'll buy the best. 

CORE’s exclusive ExoTex Dacron, for example, improves airflow and flight stability. And Intelligent Arc massively expands its wind range. Appreciable weight reduction is achieved with CORE’s exclusive CoreTex Light canopy fabric, a ripstop fabric with remarkable strength to weight ratio. We could go on, but we prefer that you find out for yourself how stellar the new XR6 LW performs.

Bestseller. Test winner. World record holder.

CORE's signature five strut Delta Bow kite isn't just a fan favorite and test winner; it also breaks records. Earlier this year, both Maarten Haeger und Ross-Dillon Player busted through the 30m barrier on their XR's. A feat that was considered impossible was, in fact, possible. We congratulate both for their amazing achievements.

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