Preowned Core XR4 9m black Kite

The XR series kite is Core's most predictable, endless comfort, and direct feel kite. German engineering has taken the XR series to the highest performance of bow kite production. These are known for the biggest boosting and hang time riding experience.

Great for beginners to pro riders for their quality craftsmanship and unbeatable performance; allowing a beginner to progress into a confident rider and never outgrowing their kite. 

This XR4 9m was created in 2016 and sold to a local customer who has taken very good care of it. Upgrading to a new kite and traded in this kite. It is very clean and holds air like new. The canopy is repair free and still solid black. The bottom of the leading edge has small dirt stains and sand scuffing but not very noticeable. 

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