Core XR5 8M Demo #3

SKU 210000012742

Used Core XR5 8M. Great condition, little wear


Standout quality on the XR5 for us is the beautiful gearing – never slipping its clutch, whatever the wind – gives immense control at the bar; all of which adds up to a mega jumping, hangtime machine that’s as rewarding as riders want to make it. If you want to go huge, there’s so much range in this kite and you can feel really good riding it at the top of its range. Almost to the point that the 12 metre continues working to the point that you’d normally be changing down to a nine. Quite a machine, as long as your game is hooked-in. 



Build quality: 9.5

Full package: 9

Low end: 9

Top end: 9 

Steering speed: 6 

Turning circle: 3.5 (Smooth and powerful)

Bar pressure: 5 

Water relaunch: 9 

Drift: DT  

Boost: 8.5

Hang-time: 9 

Unhooked: 4

Crossover: 7 

Ease of use: 9 

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