Core Sensor 3 Demo/Used #1

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Good condition bar. Normal ware and tare. Great bar for the price.

Tectonic change comes to the Sensor 3. Now with all-new easy-in QR, hidden line winders, snappy width adjusters, and more. Experience next-level innovation, functional design, and clean esthetic in the ultra-light Sensor 3 – a legendary control bar with groundbreaking features.

Everyone’s favorite control bar delivers the same light, direct, and safe experience but with some truly innovative features. The titanium truss, Supported Single Frontline Safety, and Auto Untwist are carried over from the proven Sensor 2. We cleaned up the bar ends and made them more ergonomic and useable. The softer bar ends now flip open to reveal hidden line winders and simple width adjusters. The biggest change, though, is the all-new easy-in QR. We designed a quick release that’s incredibly easy to reconnect with one hand. There’s so much more we’d like to share with you about our new Sensor 3 so, please check out the Sensor 3 for yourself and let us know what you think.

Sensor 3. The legendary bar reimagined.

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