Demo Sensor 2S Pro Control bar. 

The most connected you will ever feel to a kite.

This pro bar is in Very Good condition. No fading, fraying, or rust on the lines or metal pieces. This bar is tuned and includes all the line sections (24m) and bar bag. 

No stretch Tectanium lines that are spliced into sections will ensure your safety and line length diversity when you're pushing the limits of kiteboarding. Keeping twists out of your center lines is as easy as barring in. Ceramic bearings eliminate friction in the auto untwist function so you can stay focussed on your next move. 


  • No stretch and no kink Tectanium Lines
  • Spliced line sections allowing you to have: 18m, 20m, 22m, and 24m line lengths
  • Bar-in and go Untwist 
  • Ceramic Bearings for easy Untwist 
  • Removable pigtails
  • High Y centerlines
  • Twist open eject
  • Titanium Bar core

Why the Sensor 2S PRO is an Elite Decision: 

Our shop staff, Instructors, and local team riders will attest to the ultimate feel of pure powered kite connection. 

As you send a kite up to 12 to initiate a boost, you create tension in the lines. But standard kite lines stretch to the mercy of your kite's upward force. As the lines sponge away like that, energy is reduced from your load which decreases your aggressive spring off the water which will prevent you from jumping as high. 

With the Sensor 2S PRO lines, there is no sponge. There is no giving up precious tension that we work so hard to create by holding a strong edge with our board. If you're a rider trying to boost your biggest and push your WOO limits, you Will see an altitude change with these CORE Sensor 2S PRO lines. 

Take it from us, once you ride with Core Tectanium lines, you cannot go back to the standard kite line boosting. How do you think the core riders in South Africa are able to break the world records..?

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