Exceptional glide. Our new thinner profile and higher aspect ratio carbon stabilizers offer reduced resistance and a more efficient outline. The S270 is your go-to for all round kite, wing and surf performance, offering optimal balance, speed, efficiency and control. Pair the S210 with a smaller front wing for high-speed performance and a more agile feel. Pair the S320 with a larger front

What is included:

Stabilizer with cover, Stabilizer Screw Pack C


  • Easy recovery from surface breaching
  • Carbon pre-preg construction
  • Thinner profile
  • higher aspect ratio
  • More efficient outline shape
  • Less surface friction for better glide
  • The S270 comes standard with all Sonar Editions and works with ALL Sonar Front Wing sizes.
  • For optimal performance add an extra stabilizer size to your Sonar Foil System

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