2021 Tampa Kite Invasion Registration

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Welcome newcomers and locals alike! Our major fundraising event and season opener shin dig is just around the corner. Tampa Bay Watch is a not-for-profit organization who helps keep our waters and marine life safe and clean. This year the Tampa Kite Invasion will be on October 1st through the 3rd.

East Wind = 8-12mile down wind regatta from Lassing Park to the East side of the Skyway Bridge. 

West Wind = Redington Beach to Pass-a-grille Inlet

There are four categories and the racer must pick the one they will be competing in. twintip, surfboard, foil, and windwing.

How the event works:

The week of the race we will post updates on the start of the race depending on wind. Updates include red, yellow, and green lights. Which will verify the race day and start time.

Red Light: race will not be on Saturday but Sunday.

Yellow Light: hold tight and wait another day for updates.

Green: It's go time!

Follow us on social media for the updates.

The winner of the race will receive a prize from the Presenting Sponsor CORE Kiteboarding.

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