2021 Slingshot Dually V5 Straps

Size: M/L

The Dually is quickly becoming known as one of the most comfortable and supportive footsteps on the market. With an ergonomic triple density EVA footbed, this system will make any landing feel soft and buttery. With a proven 4 point adjustment strap, you can easily customize the size and position of the Dually closure to ensure the best fit for you.


  • Interchangeable, variable density footbed inserts give a custom feel and function
  • Reegineered footbed, provides a lighter, more cushioned ride than any Dually before
  • Four-point, dual-zone closure provides a custom fit for all shapes and sizes
  • Improved, softer footbed cushions
  • Universal mounting allows for customized stance and is compatible with most kiteboards

Package includes: Dually V5, M6 mounting hardware


  1. Four-point, Dual-zone Closure System
  2. Cushy EVA Footbeds
  3. Universal Mounting System
  4. Grip-improving Texture and Toe Ridges
  5. Customizable Heel Inserts (soft or firm)

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