From Slingshot
11'x 34" x 6" Vol:331L Weight 25LBS

The Crossbreed 11’ inflatable SUP, that we’ve all come to love, now doubles as the perfect board to learn how to Wing surf. The removable sUP WINDer keel fin, combined with the normal tail fin, will allow you to stay upwind while using a SlingWing and propel you across the water.

Step into the new and exciting sport of Wing surfing and gather the basics of upwind and downwind sailing on a soft, stable platform before taking the next step to a dedicated foil board. We fitted the popular Slingshot Crossbreed 11’ inflatable SUP with a center fin box that houses the sUP WINDer keel. The removable sUP WINDer center keel fin can be installed in seconds and is perfect for teaching new wingers how to stay upwind or for paddlers who desire better straight-line tracking. Remove the center keel fin and you are back to standard paddling with an inflatable SUP that is lightweight, durable, portable, super safe and it feels like a hardboard when fully inflated. The convenient SUP backpack holds everything you need for an easy escape into the wild.

  • REMOVABLE SUP WINDER KEEL FIN - Allows you to stay upwind. Installs in seconds. Removable for standard paddling.
  • CONVENIENT BACKPACK - Transport your fun in one easy way.
  • TWO AFFIXED FIN BOXES - One center keel box for winging or straight line SUP tracking and one rear box that holds a 9” FCSII quick release fin for regular stand up paddling.
  • VERSATILE SHAPE - great for kids, dogs, families, beginners, experts & parties.
Package Includes
  • 11’0” Crossbreed Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board
  • sUP WINDer Keel Fin
  • 3 Piece Adjustable Airtech Paddle
  • 9” FCS2 Quick Release Toolless Surf Fin
  • Dual Action Speed Pump with Pressure Gauge
  • Heavy Duty Backpack
  • Bow and Stern Storage Deck Bungee’s
  • D-Ring on Tail of the board for Leash
  • D-Ring on Bow of the board for Mooring
  • Repair Kit
  • Slingwing V2 Sold Separately

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