2020 Slingshot Celero FR 5'6" Used

Used in the Elite van for lessons and demos but in great condition with normal wear and tear (see photos for details).

What Slingshot has to say about the 2020 Celero FR 5'6' 

Returning for 2020 the Celero FR is ENTIRELY NEW and REBUILT. Designed for versatility and reliability in all conditions, from underpowered and mushy to shore pound, rolling river swell, high-speed down winders and overhead man eaters. NEW for 2020, we updated the rails for a slightly more parallel outline, which translates to a bit more upwind drive and pop for aerials. We also changed to a squash tail, giving the Celero FR more lift and low-end drive and a looser feel. This is the all-around, one board quiver our lineup. For 2020, all Slingshot surfboards feature new construction that makes them significantly lighter and gives a more connected surfboard feel while maintaining the durability needed to stand up to the sport of kitesurfing.

Why You'll Love The Celero FR

  • NEW Construction- lighter weight, more control, more connected feel
  • NEW Squash pin tail provides all-around performance & snappy turns
  • NEW Cushy new corduroy deck pad is super grippy and comfortable
  • NEW Grab rail on 5'0" board
  • NEW Footstrap insert placement
  • All-conditions, all abilities, one board quiver
  • Wider belly, curvy outline add stability, lift for small, underpowered conditions
  • Classic shortboard feel
  • Bamboo and carbon patches add durability in key areas

Package includes: Board, 3 FCS II Fin set-up

Celero FR Technical Features

  1. NEW Lighter Construction
    Our 2020 surf line features new hand crafted EPS foam core construction with bamboo and carbon reinforcements to retain strength and durability while achieving a significantly lighter overall weight.
  2. NEW Squash Pin Tail
    A classic and versatile tail shape that is responsive and maintains speed through slower, weaker or mushier sections of waves.
  3. Bamboo Belly Patch
    Light and strong, a section of bamboo laminate is inlaid over the front foot section of the board to provide the extra durability needed to withstand the impacts of kitesurfing.
  4. Tri-Fin Configuration
    Also known as the thruster, this setup is stable, maneuverable and versatile. It holds well in powered up action and on steep, critical sections of waves.
  5. FCSII Keyless Fins
    No tool required, just click in and click out. They're quick, easy, convenient and just as secure.
  6. NEW Corduroy Deck Pad
    Slightly softer than our deck pads of the past, this new corduroy texture provides tons of grip and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye.
  7. Carbon Reinforcements
    Lengthwise carbon stringers, top and bottom, provide strength and stiffness, carbon rails along the tail help prevent cracking, heel dents and damage from hard landings.
  8. NEW Footstrap Insert Position
    The inserts on the tail of the board have been repositioned to give riders the optimal rear foot position when riding straps. This places your foot directly over the rear fins for a better drive, turn, and more snap.

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