Preowned 2020 Slingshot Alien Air Foilboard 4'8

The Most User-Friendly foil board on the water. The Alien Air has volume and structure built around a beginner foil board platform.

4'8 x 21.5" x 2" | 30L | 9lbs

Created for Foil Introduction, Freeride, and Progression. 

This board is in excellent condition with a Full Deck Pad and screw inserts, Including 2x Dakine straps. Couple of small surface scuffs around the rail of this Alien Air 4'8.

We have had great success with our foil lessons and local watermen who have all taken this board out and reaped the benefits of a simple, yet functional beginner foil board. 

With rounded edges and a thin, yet voluminous concave deck, you will have no issues maneuvering this board around in the water and rebounding off touchdowns. 

Slingshot Description

New for 2020, we updated the shape of the Alien Air with a thinner profile, narrower belly and a bit less volume. The changes make it easier to set on rail and water start, lighter and less bulky to maneuver, and better as a crossover board for surf and wake foiling.

  • NEW shape: Thinner, lighter, less bulky
  • NEW Cushy corduroy deck pad
  • NEW Leash plug allows for crossover from kiteboard to surfboard
  • Multiple footstrap Insert Positions - Ride with 3 straps, 2 straps, 1 strap, half straps, or no straps
  • Our most user-friendly freeride foiling board
  • Volume, width and scooped nose = easy takeoffs, less crashing, touch-and-go performance
  • Lots of room to walk around, great for transitions
  • Great crossover shape for surf foiling

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