DEMO Carbon Focus 136x41

Lightly used in our shop Demo fleet. This board is clean and has no major scratches. Check out our photos!

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Focus Carbon Series


The Focus is a high-performance Freestyle board precisely engineered to push boundaries and generate ultimate pop for aggressive Freestyle moves. Master-crafted by our skilled engineers, who have thoughtfully positioned the full carbon laminate layup to provide a dynamic and responsive ride, with well balanced torsional stiffness and flex. Greater traction allows you to hold that rail and edge harder, while the geometrically stiffer backbone enables more controlled takeoffs. Your ideal balance between stiffness and flex, with butter-soft tips to reduce the impact load on landings and glide through chop.
For higher performance. Thoughtfully selected and arranged combination of woven roving and biaxial carbon fiber fabrics and unidirectional reinforcements produces a dynamic ride with precision flex and response.
Combined with squarer, flatter outline generates ultimate pop for aggressive freestyle moves.
Forms a geometrically stiffer backbone for more controlled takeoffs, with dynamic flex to disperse chop with ease.
Quad channels and butter-soft tips spread the load and soften the impact Item feature.
Delivers easy carving through turns and greater traction, allowing you to hold that rail and edge harder to load up the board for an explosive release.
Lightweight and ergonomic TPE material with ultimate grip when wet.
Strong, abrasion resistant composite fins with dogbone washers and M6 screws.
All TwinTip board hardware enables use of the same PH3 screwdriver for assembly and makes replacement of parts super easy.

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