Demo 2020 North Kiteboarding Carve 10m

This North Carve kite is from the North Kiteboarding Demo Van. This Carve has no stains, rips, repairs... It's seriously like new! This Bright Red kite flashes in the sky. 

This Carve 10m is a fun and responsive kitesurfing kite.

If you want to stay powered up on your surfboard and cruise down a line, then this three strut kitesurf kite is for you.

Spice up the sky with this Hot Rod Red.

The North Kiteboarding Carve kite is playful yet powerful. For 2020 and 2021, the Carve kites are known to have a little more power in the lighter winds allowing you to be on a smaller size than most. Sit back into your harness and enjoy flying a faster-turning kite for many of your kiteboarding and kitesurfing styles. 

The 10 has a big wind range for a kitesurf quiver.

You don't have to be an expert kiter to fly this kite. In fact, there are kite instructors and lesson centers that teach on the North Kiteboarding Carve because it is so diverse and intuitive for beginners. 

Surf / Strapless Freestyle 



  • Wide wind range 

  • A two-stage arc with direct pivot steering


Big waves, small waves, and anything in between


"When I'm on a wave all I have to think about is smacking the lip." - Jesse Richman


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