Plank Foil Board

With more freedom than Marty McFly’s hoverboard, the Plank is perfectly built to take you on windward adventures far and wide.  Following the progressive trend of shrinking foil craft, the Plank comes in at 3’8 , making it ideal for travel and impromptu sessions. The Plank is perfectly suited for an intermediate foil rider who wants an easy riding, low hassle board that feels like air underfoot. Its low volume and small shape make it extremely nimble and playful. Combined with its concave deck this board grants you precision control over the wing below your feet. Deep carving turns have never felt so good.  

While the Plank may be small it’s also forgiving. Its shovel nose rocker and shape help to avoid pearling, displacing water on splash-downs by keeping that nose up. The Plank also features a CNC’d full wood core, inline m6 inserts, adjustable mounting options, and our durable liquid rail construction.   This lower tech construction, while still offering stellar performance, helps keep the price down. Making the Plank the perfect blend of performance and affordability.


Core CNC full wood core with Liquid Rail
Shape Hydrofoil specific shape to the needs of riding a foil
Inserts No inserts to preserve weight
Concave Shovel nose forward hull design for efficient and rapid water deflection
Mounting Two separate hole setups to accommodate high and low speed foiling
Grip Full deck EVA

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