Glider Foil Set

 Specifically tuned for kiteboarding with it’s longer mast, fluid fuselage and QR collar, the Glider Foil Set is ready to hit the water and ready to help the foil fun times keep rolling.  Enjoy the float and pump-ability of the Glider 125 wing set and feel the improved hydrodynamic ride of the Fluid Fuselage.  The new fuselage integrates into our wings seamlessly and has a recces for the mast, eliminating any rough lines and making this ride as smooth as possible.   When you are done with your session, you can simply unscrew one screw from the QR collar to pack down your foil into your vehicle.  The set comes complete with wing covers to ensure your carbon wings stay as fresh as possible from session to session.  Additionally, you can expect to receive everything in the photo in our sweet LF Foil Bag which makes packing up for travel incredibly easy.   Everything in this set is interchangeable and upgrade able with our other LF foil accessories, so you can tune this set for Surf or Wake Foiling by simply purchasing an additional mast length.



  • Projected Surface Area | 1250 cm2
  • Aspect Ratio | 3.86
  • Wing Span | 702 mm
  • Chord Length | 217.4 mm


  • Projected Surface Area | 370 cm2

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