2019 Slingshot 19m Turbine

Kite is pre-owned and in great condition. ZERO repairs. Bag and Liquid Force 2L blue pump included. (see photos)

Description From SLINGSHOT

The kite to generate the most power directly from the wind. You can be guaranteed the Turbine will deliver the most power per square meter so you can have the most fun per session. You can’t change the conditions but you can change your gear. The turbine will give you the ability to maximize your water time and optimize your session’s potential.


  • High-aspect shape favors power, efficiency and low-end performance
  • The “session saver” and a must-have for light wind locations
  • The most fun you’ll have on a light wind kite
  • Fine-tuned bridle helps with relaunching in low wind
  • Striking new visual graphics

ONE PUMP SPEED SYSTEM We invented one pump. Then we reinvented it. This dramatically reduces inflation time so you can have more time where it matters: the water.

SPLITSTRUT Another first by slingshot: strut integration right into the kites canopy rather than being hung. This integration improves overall kite rigidity and allows for lighter weight struts which mean a more aerodynamic frame.

OPEN C DELTA PROFILE This profile will lend itself to a tighter turning radius, more low end grunt, bigger loftier jumps and more depower at the bar.

NEW STRIKING GRAPHICS Built to stand out on the beach. Slingshot has never been one to conform, with these new graphics every rider on the beach will know where and who you are.

MORE INFO: The Turbine is in a class of its own and can’t really be compared to any other kite. With a super high aspect ratio, this is about as close to a foil kite as you can get in a LEI format. We coined the term “throw it don’t mow it” with the Turbine years ago

Liquid Force 2L blue pump


Do you travel the world in search of epic conditions? Is your vehicle stuffed with so much gear it feels like an advanced level Tetris game every time you head to the beach? The 2L Tall packs the punch of a standard 2-liter airflow pump in a size that fits in more places. In addition to a taller position and ergonomic design that amplifies ease of use. the 2L Tall also doubles as an inflatable SUP pump.

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