DEMO Slingshot 2018 Sentinel 20” Control Bar

Preowned Slingshot Compstick Sentinel 20”

Bar is in great shape has been used 10 times. No rust or fraying lines look new. Functional and ready to fly.

The "Compstick Sentinel" Control Bar (or Sentinel Control Bar) is Slingshot's best control bar yet, taking some of the best features in the industry and combining them into one amazing product. With simple above the bar depower, below the bar swivel, and a moveable trim block that adjusts bar throw, the Sentinel Control Bar has everything you need and nothing you don't. 

Insider Info: 
Slingshot says they have softened the bar ends on this new bar design, but they are still fairly hard so do not expect them to be as plush as some other padded bars on the market. The EVA grip on the bar is also very durable and hard, so it may take a few sessions for your hands to get used to the built-out grip on the bar. 

Long-time Slingshot fans will be stoked to see the new Sentinel Bar has elastic line keepers on the bar ends, but the elastics fit the bar very tightly and it can be a struggle to get them into place. 

Sentinel Control Bar Tech Specs: 
• Above the Bar Depower 
• Moveable Trim Block for Adjustable Bar Throw 
• New Sentinel Safety System 
• Double Swivel Action: Above the Bar & Below the Bar Swivels 
• Durable EVA Grip 
• Molded Bar Floats 
• 800lb Test Flying Lines 

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