Preowned 2015 Naish Pivot 10m 

We found this kite in our storage. Need a reliable 'do all' kite?? This Pivot is for you

Naish Pivot

Get out Free riding in flat water or chop. Take this kite to the surf and rock n roll in the waves. The Pivot was designed for getting into a wave or jumping big. 


*You're a beginner rider and you are looking for your first reliable kite 

*You need a less expensive all-round kite

*You prefer used equipment 

*You're looking for fun classic wave kite 

This 2015 preowned kite is in good condition for its age. It was last pumped up and cleaned on 9/2/2020. This kite HOLDS AIR. Other than one little pin hole patch, there are NO REPAIRS. 

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