2014 North Gonzales Board

This board is priced according to wear and tear. The straps are worn down some (see pictures for details). Otherwise the integrity of the board is great and the straps are still functional.

The Gonzales is designed for those riders who want an easy ride. If you want a freeride board that works for you and makes you look good on the water the Gonzales is it. There are 5 sizes in the range to suit every riders needs, whether you are just starting out after some lessons, or more experienced riders enjoying their first jumps and tricks. The Gonzales carves like a dream, the outline has been designed to make it easy to switch from rail to rail, perfect for toeside and heelside carves. The Gonzales is the ultimate easy to use freeride machine and is very smooth and comfortable through choppy water. Get on board the Gonzales and boost your kitesurfing skills!

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