Slingshot Trainer Kite

Slingshot Trainer Kite

Slingshot Trainer Kite

How often do you watch kiteboarders effortlessly pulling themselves around on a board on top of the water? How often do you imagine yourself performing similar stunts? Quite often, correct? Well, we have all been there. Seeing them perform these elegant stunts motivates us to learn this enthralling skill too. But is it a trivial task? How to start your kiteboarding journey? What equipment would you need? These questions require detailed and meaningful answers, and this article will exactly provide you with these.

About Slingshot Trainer Kite

Slingshot trainer Kite is must-have equipment for beginners. It is a perfect trainer kite and even has the reputation of being the best trainer kite ever produced! With a lightweight aluminum control bar, which is foam padded, this trainer kite will provide you with amusement while giving a great learning experience as well. This powerful yet affordable piece of equipment is excellent for practicing primary kite control in light winds and master the arm, should strength, and hand-eye coordination in stronger winds.

How to Get Started with Kiteboarding?

The right equipment alone is not sufficient to start with your kiteboarding journey. You will need proper guidance and tips if you are to learn this skill smoothly. Therefore, the best way to do it to watch videos and take lessons, but a few additional resources always help. If your read books on proper guidelines to learn kiteboarding, it will be helpful. It is always lovely to get your hands on additional information!

Why Elite Watersports?

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Elite Watersports package includes:

  • Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite
  • Kiteboarding Trictionary Textbook - Twintip Supreme Edition 

Together, these two products are essential to prepare you for the actual water and help you bridge the gap.

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