Efoil Lessons

Efoil Lessons


Efoil Lessons


Do you want to explore water sports? If yes, the Efoiling is the best sport for you to pick up now! Efoiling is an excellent and easy sport to start practicing because it keeps you fit, it is straightforward to learn, and it provides an exhilarating and one-of-a-kind experience. What exactly is Efoiling? An Efoil is an electric hydrofoil board that helps you to travel over any body of water without the need for waves, wind, or towing.


Learn More About Efoiling Lessons

Through these lessons, you can experience the unique sensation of floating above the water with an Efoil board. You'll be issued a life jacket and helmet, and an Elite instructor will accompany you throughout the lesson. For support, the instructors will either have their Efoil or Jetski. Off-site training at your particular place, such as a house on the water, can also be arranged. You can choose between a 1.5-hour private lesson, a 3-hour private lesson, or semi-private lessons for a small fee. 


Buy Or Rent Your Board!

Why should you buy an Efoil? You'll stay fit, and with this, you can ride comfortably through smooth backwaters.

  • Flite controller, Wing, Flitecell, Flitecell Charger, Efoil travel case, and Fliteboard bag are all included in the price of $12,435.
  • Anywhere in the continental United States, shipping is $500.00.
  • You will receive a free one-on-one lesson after making any purchase through Elite Watersports.
  • Elite Watersports has a wide range of models to choose from. Use their experts to help pick the best choice for you.


Places To See While Efoiling

Once you've mastered the Efoil, you'll probably have the urge to take it for a ride. Elite Watersports have organized custom trips across Tampa Bay's backwaters. You'll get to embark on a journey filled with stunning winding canals and estuaries. The instructors will have their Efoil, and you will get to share carving lines and flat water with them. A 1.5-hour lesson is expected for this booking before the eco tour date.

Customize Your Schedule!

When you open this Elite Watersports website, you can see a calendar on which you can fully customize your lessons and tailor your learning schedule based on your availability from work. Now you can even choose what time of the day as there are five slots that you can option!

And there you have it! All the information you need about Efoiling and why you should book your first class here at Elite Watersports.