Used North Sonar foil kit. Aluminum mast at 85cm. In great condition. Front wing sold seperatly. 

North's fully customisable Sonar 85cm mast setup performs across all disciplines and offers you more ride height to clear waves or to heel over for tighter turns. It is also more forgiving in rougher conditions. Engineered to last, with exceptional strength to weight ratio, and North's unique GeoLock system for a clean, direct feel with minimum resistance on the water. Ride in comfort and control, making use of the fully interchangeable Sonar Foil System to extend your playtime on the water. Simply choose the Sonar Front Wing best suited to your needs to complete your setup. (Sonar Front Wing, Foil Board and foil to board attachment hardware sold separately).

2021 Design

  • Front Wings sold separately
  • Precisely crafted with a well-balanced strength to weight ratio
  • GeoLock connection joins the mast and fuselage, so they feel like one piece
  • Easy recovery from surface-breaching
  • Carbon prepreg stabilizer
  • Fits boards with 165x90mm mounting pattern


85cm Mast, Board Adaptor, Fuselage AF 600, S01 Stabilizer with Cover, Foil Tool Set, Screw Packs A, B, C and Travel Bag.
Foil to board mounting fasteners is included with North foil boards. Front wings are sold separately.

Foil Technology

85cm Aluminium Mast
Ideal for Freeride foiling and tow-surfing, the 85cm Mast increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions. This Mast length is perfect to heel over more, fly the kite lower and further power up the foil system for a more controlled high speed ride. Precisely CNC-machined from 6061-T6 anodised aeronautical-grade aluminium for minimum resistance, with structurally engineered connections for an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

Engineered to last, our unique GeoLock tapered geometry locking system provides a more effective load-bearing connection between the Mast and Fuselage, locking them together, so they feel like one piece. Screws engage the GeoLock while the load transfer now takes place over the full cross-section of the mast profile, allowing for a more efficient load distribution and longer-lasting connection.

Hydrodynamic Carbon stabilizer
In perfect harmony with any Front Wing, our dihedral-shaped rear Stabilizer provides control and riding comfort, allowing fast pivoting turns and easy surface breach-recovery. The Stabilizer's positioning on top of the Fuselage allows for a clean, undisturbed approaching flow. Surface piercing of the Stabilizer is not a problem, as the Front Wing sits deeper in the water and is still fully submerged, giving you that extra time to react and adjust your ride height.

Board Adaptor
The Sonar Foil System is connected to the board by a lightweight CNC-machined aluminium Board Adaptor with a tapered geometry locking connection that engages with the mast. Fusing Board Adaptor and mast together to build one union for optimum load transfer and a stronger, more direct feeling and steering impulse when foiling.

165x90mm bolt pattern
The Sonar Foil System can be mounted to any foil board with a 165x90mm bolt pattern.

Fuselage AF600
CNC-machined anodised aeronautical grade 6061-T6 aluminum Fuselage. Hydrodynamically optimised shape for minimum resistance.

Modular foil system
Customise your ride with our fully interchangeable foil parts to explore multiple disciplines and riding styles all with one setup.

Front Wing sold separately

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