Liquid Force NV 2017 9m Demo

Demo and lesson kite from Elite van. Still in great flying condition with no repairs. Clean and Crispy canopy. 

The V8 2017 Liquid Force NV has Legendary Stability, Bombproof construction, and is user-friendly creating a trusting freeride and freestyle kite.

For 2017/18 Liquid Force brings back the Envy, as the NV. Coveted for its sage-like stability and predictable power, the NV has been tweaked ever closer to perfection. Among 2017 improvements is more power when turning, a faster response time to bar input and a more robust trailing edge.

The Liquid Force NV is a high-quality kite with an all-around performance great choice for a first kite. The Liquid Force NV was the kite that won the legendary kite competition triple S a couple of years in a roll. Can't think of anything out there that performs better for the money.

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