Kite is in great condition. There is a small leading edge repair with type A tape, and the canopy is wrinkled a bit in a few places (see pictures). This kite is functional and ready to fly.

 The Section is a three strut, lightweight ‘boxier’ kite which looks like it will fit right in with the waveriding gang. The Section makes use of Core’s unique Exotex Dacron enabling thinner and stiffer struts – and the struts are very skinny, but when pumped up they do look and feel incredibly stiff, expressing the new material being used.

A particularly wave friendly kite, but has more going on in the bridle portion than other wave specific kites and the tips are more rounded.

Trim wise and there are three settings for altering the line tension and these are worth tweaking depending on the conditions you are heading out in. If it’s a drifting day then you can set it up for less response but improved drift and it will respond accordingly.

 Section is a nimble kite with a rigid low end. Power on is smooth and with a couple of quick strokes you are off and going – you could get away with riding the Section a size or two smaller which is always a great attribute in a wave kite. In onshore conditions and the Section spins around on its axis making it very easy to place when you are snapping the kite around as you snap your board off the top. It moves quickly without flying too far forward and the bridle ensures that power off is quick and pretty much complete. This also pays dividends in more pure wave conditions where, for drifting, you can sheet right out for pretty much complete depower and the Section will head off down the line without any dipping or complaints at all. The pulleyed bridle delivers excellent on/off and a fantastic wind range without giving any real lag in response. Great relaunching abilities. 

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