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Kiteboard Hero: The Newest Teaching Tool

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Whether you are a veteran kiteboarder, a novice rider, or a newbie in the process of taking lessons, there is always room for improvement and tweaking your skills. Insert Kiteboard Hero. Newly launched, this kiteboarding video simulator is winning the hearts of kiteboarders from all over. This game is making history because it is truly the first of its kind and does a phenomenal job at teaching the theory of kiteboarding while the “student” sits in the comfort of their own home. 

We have all heard of simulators for flying airplanes, driving cars, even playing golf. Now, it is time to have some fun with our favorite sport on the water! Your view is exactly what your real kiteboarding view looks like; you see your bar and lines and your surroundings ahead. The bar reacts true to the real deal so, it helps the person playing the game understand the principle behind each movement made and how its action has a reaction from the kite. This is a wonderful teaching tool for students new to kiteboarding as they can dedicate some time off the water to learn more about how to fly the kite. Don’t forget the board; the way you ride on the board in this simulator matters too! So cool!

Don’t just take our word for it, download it today and give it a go! Kiteboard Hero is here!
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Have fun! When you’re ready to hit the water for a real kiteboarding lesson, though, be sure to book with Elite Watersports. Kiteboarding lessons offered 7 days a week! Call or book online!

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