How to ride a kite surfboard.

How to ride a kite surfboard.

How to ride a kite surfboard. 

If you haven't tried a surfboard yet then you better start soon. It's literally so much fun. The most intimidating factor is just getting up on the board. With some surfboards there are inserts for you to add straps. They are fine and will boost your ability to start riding your new board on day one. But the ultimate goal is to be free without straps. This video explains how to ride a kite surfboard without straps. You'll find that it's actually easier than you think. We suggest using a larger kite which will add lift and make you concentrate more on your board than power from the kite. Additionally if you use a wide and flat board you may find it will be easier to go slower and make foot switches easier and faster. We rent surfboards and of course sell them at the shop so make sure you contact us or come on in to find a super awesome deal. 

Some of the surfboards we suggest ar like the Cross by North

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