How to Pump Up Your Kiteboarding Kite

How to Pump Up Your Kiteboarding Kite

The first thing you should do is get your kiteboarding kite up. This article will show you how to pump your kiteboarding kite. This article will discuss wind direction, attaching the pump to your kite, how to use the kite, and how to determine the right pressure.

How to Pump Up Your Kiteboarding Kite

Wind direction

One of the first things to do at the beach is to determine the direction of the wind. The leading edge, or part of the kite that air fills in, should be into the wind. The trailing edge or back of the kite should be downwind. You do not need to unravel the entire kite before pumping it up. Let the wind do the work.

Attach the Pump to the Kite

Attach the pump to your kiteboarding kite once you have laid it out with the leading edge facing the wind. The pump leash should attach to the center of the kite. This leash secures the kite and keeps it from blowing away while pumping it. Attach the pump leash.

After attaching the pump leash, close all open valves. Different kites might have different valves in different locations. Kites have a central valve. The valve should be closed and the pump connected to the one-way valve. Other brands might require a special adapter.

How to get your kiteboarding kite flying high

Once you have your kite up and the pump leash and hose attached, start pumping up your kiteboarding kite. The kite will begin to unravel as the air fills the leading edge. If the kite is rolled too tightly, the leading edge can become kinked. As air fills the leading edge, make sure that the kite is untied.

There are several ways to determine if your kite has been inflated enough

  • Move the leading edge and you will hear a tingling sound, not a thud.
  • Bend the leading edge. The LE should not be easy to bend.
  • Pumping pressure - It should be harder to pump the pump up and down.
  • Pump valve - We personally pump around 9-10 PSI.
How to Pump Up Your Kiteboarding Kite

Place a kite on the beach

Once the kite is filled to the right pressure, disconnect the pump hose and close the one-way valve. Flip the kite upside down by taking off the pump leash. Use the leading edge to flip the kite. To make the left side of your kite go up, turn to the right. To push the left side of the kite up, use your left hand. The kite should be naturally placed on the beach, with wind blowing above it. If you want to learn more about kiteboarding contact us today! 

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