2022 North Trace Twin Tip

2022 North Trace Twin Tip

Everything You Need to Know About The All New North Trace Twin Tip. 

If you are looking for a light wind board that will keep you out on the water the North Trace is the board for you. It comes in two sizes: 145x45cm and 155x45cm. There is more to a lightwind board than the larger size. It is important to have a lightwind board that will not hold you back from what you want to do even if it's in light wind. Here are some cool new features the North Kiteboarding Trace Twin Tip has that you will love.

Kiteboards for Light winds

The North Trace Twin Tip is known for being the first one out and the last board to come off the water. This doesn’t just mean that the size is the only thing keeping it out on the water in light wind. The Trace gives the rider extra power as if they were riding in wind five knots more. With the extra power the rider can edge up wind better than other light wind boards. 

North Trace Twin Tip | Elite Watersports

The Trace Twin Tip Structure

The Trace has a progressive medium-low rocker. This means that the board is flatter in the center where the handle is then arches up where the fins are. You might be asking yourself what is the rocker and how does that help with light wind? The rocker line is ideal for flat water which is typical when there is not a lot of wind. The progressive arch of the rocker will give the rider more pop off of the water. When the board has no rocker or very minimal it is sticky to the water making it difficult to load and pop off the water. This is another great reason why this light wind board is perfect for not only beginners but all riders. With that being said, flat square boards are also harder to maneuver and turn. With the shape of the Trace, you will not have that issue. In other words, you will not grow out of this board and it will keep you out on the water when others are on the beach waiting for more wind. 

Light wind kiteboard | Elite Watersports

What Should I Pair The Trace With?

This lightwind board is a perfect match with the North Reach kite. The Reach is known as North Kiteboardings’ best all around kite for everything from foiling to freeriding. The size of the kite will change depending on how much wind your kiting spot has and how much you weigh. If you are unsure as to what size kite to get we recommend asking your local kiteshop Elite Watersports. They are a North Kiteboarding Dealer and have all the information you need about the kite and which size you should get based on your conditions. 

North Trace Twin Tip | Elite Watersports
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